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Top quality custom flags are a must-have for promoting businesses. These flags can be used for advertising campaigns, public events, sporting events and other similar activities. When choosing a custom flag for such events, it is important to choose the right material, as this can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Custom flags are available in different types of fabrics meaning that you can get these banners designed according to your company requirements. Also, you can also choose these products according to your budget. When looking for them, look for a flag manufacturer who has the necessary experience in making flags from a variety of materials. This is because different organizations may have different requirements. For example, there may be companies that require flags that can withstand the whims of nature. Similarly, there might be some businesses that may require custom flags for just one event. In such cases, companies may not want to spend more on flags. Therefore, a flag manufacturer can offer low prices and use low-cost materials. This way companies can get the flag of their choice and also save some money.

One important factor that is very important when designing a custom flag, is whether you need a single sided reverse or a double sided flag. This difference is this: a single sided reverse flag is when one side is printed on, allowing the ink to saturate to the back side. This creates a mirror image on the reverse/back side of the flag from the artwork which is printed on the front. A double sided flag is when two flags are printed and sewn back to back in order to view the image exactly the same on both sides of the flag. It is important to make sure the manufacturer adds a liner in the middle of a double sided custom flag so that the opposite side will not be seen.

An important question that arises when choosing custom flags is what kind of banner material you should choose. Well, one of the first things you can do is learn about the different kinds of material used to make these products. Before going ahead to make a purchase it is important to find out if the flag manufacturer is providing any material option, as this will definitely help in making a decision.

There are different types of material used in the manufacture of custom flags. One is 100D polyester which is less expensive and is very often used to make flags that are used for promotional events.  Another and much more durable and preferred, is 110g polyester. Both fabrics are good for either single sided or double sided printing. Finally, there is nylon. Nylon has been heavily used in the United States, whereas most countries in the world use a polyester material for flags. Nylon is more durable than the 100d polyester, it is not as durable as the 110g polyester. The front side of a custom printed nylon flag is very nice. However, when printing a single sided reverse flag, the saturation factor is about 80-90% to the back side. With a custom printed polyester flag, you will receive closer to 95-100% saturation, depending on the quality of printer and ink the manufacturer is using. This gives the reverse side of the custom flag, a crisp look with the polyester material. Whatever fabric you use for your custom flag, make sure it is purchased from a first-class flag manufacturer or store such as:

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