Make Effective use of Table Covers in the Promotion of your Business

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Table cover, as the name suggests, is an essential component in one’s trade displays. Its work is worth more than hiding ugly looking tables. The purpose of putting a table cover is to accentuate the feel and look of any trade show booth or it can also highlight and compliment the corporate brands.

Table covers during the trade show tie together to exhibit a professional and sleek appearance that enhances the interest of the audience.

The various types of table covers are: 

  1. Full colour table covers
  2. 1 colour logo table covers
  3. Fitted table covers
  4. Ultra fit table covers
  5. Stock colour table covers
  6. Table runners
  7. 2 colour logo table covers

Table Drapes types may also include: 

Table Throw Cloth:

These types of table covers can be versatile, traditional or residential. These tablecloths drape down and also cover the whole table depending on the size and length of the table.

Fitted Table Covers:

These table covers are fitted so well that no clips are needed to hold it in its place. These table covers need exact dimensions and are custom made so that it fits well on your table.

Table Runners:

An additional material that is put on the top of the table cover is known to be a table runner. They are versatile and can be used on any type of size of table. Table runners can be plain or printed with any company’s logo, or it can also have a marketing message printed on it.

The various types of fabrics that are used in manufacturing table covers are:

  1. Nylon: Nylon gives a sportier appeal when compared with knit polyester. Since it is heavy, it fits well to give a clean and firm look to the corners of the table. Nylon is water resistant and stain resistant, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
  2. Knit Polyester: The most versatile and popular fabric that is used in making table covers is knitted polyester. As it is easy to do digital printing directly on the fabric, full colouring images can be produced which results in high-impact printing and gives wonderful colours. Since a thermal process is used to dye the fabric with the ink, there is less possibility of colours fading even after repeated wear or washing. This fabric is fire resistant too.
  3. Spandex: The table covers made out of this fabric are fitted so well with the foam to give a wrinkle-free image. These covers are very attractive and have full colour prints with vibrant colours, which give a stylish, elegant and sophisticated look. Spandex covers do not fade easily hence can be washed frequently.
  4. Vinyl: Since these covers are water proof, they are best to use for outdoor events. They can be placed at places where food and beverages are served, so that the place can be protected from rain and sun.

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Thus, it’s not just the presentation, but with the help of various types of table covers the whole display becomes appealing. To make your event success bold and vibrant colours can be used which appeal and enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

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